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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 107 - Puerto Iguazú


argentina There's not much to report from Iguazú. Its pretty self explanatory. After the 36 hour bus ride, which became 40 hours because some kid threw a brick through the bus window after 28 hours (no one got hurt guys, its fine), and after having an AMAZING steak in a super fancy restaurant the night before, we hopped on the wrong bus (one heading to Brasil), jumped off at the border, and hopped on another to the falls.




   CIMG4011 CIMG4026 CIMG4025 CIMG4038

Was it worth the 40 hours? Yep. Pretty much. Its AMAZING. Seriously, there's a shed load of water, the sound is intense, the place is beautiful, and the birds dancing around the crashing water like lightning bolts is awesome. Apparently this area has had the worst winter in 150 years, so the water level was pretty low. At high season, I reckon it would blow your head off. But we were quietly happy with what we found. And the photos, whilst not capturing it properly, do a pretty good job.


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