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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Klaxons at The Do

Last friday we went to 'The Do' in Brighton. Free glo-sticks, free whistles, free masks, and Klaxons playing live (watch the video for "Gravity's Rainbow" here). Awesome band, great company, good times.


DSCN6194 bb3bbf3a

Monday, April 10, 2006

east is east

Some rotter broke into my (very posh) hire car this weekend. East London. I just love it there.


Photo-0334            Photo-0333


Thursday, April 06, 2006

i've got rabies

So, after the trauma of moving out of my beautiful flat at the weekend, you'd think I was owed a break. just for a couple of days? wrong! this week I fought (and won) a battle with Doctor Death. After receiving 2 doses of rabies over the last two weeks, I started to notice something was up on saturday and sunday, feeling a bit shaky and weird and feverish. then tuesday came, and my body decided to give up. my immune system actually sacked in the whole thing. I was sweating out of every pore on my body (wet feet, wet legs, wet neck), shivering, confused, hyper-sensitive. I lost it for about 2 hours (i told my boss that I thought I was gonna die just to guarantee the day off) and the spent the rest of the day staring blankly at the silent tv, because the sound of the voices was getting on my nerves.

That was until DEAL OR NO DEAL came on the box. Possibly one of the most exciting games ever. She ended up with either £250,000 or £75,000 in her box, turned down the mammoth £125,000 from the banker, and didn't swap her box. And you guessed it - she got the £75,000. Gutted. It was still amazing.

I'm better now. I'm still sweating all the time, but its not as bad. And i'm not delirious anymore. In other news though, Ali and I went back to the Waitrose Studio today. This week - Easter Eggs. Good times.
ali at the waitrose studio

Monday, April 03, 2006

we've moved out


We've finally moved out. Three days of carrying boxes down stairs (and into cars and into houses), driving at 60mph down the motorway in a big scary white van, scrubbing everything, throwing away nearly everything, forgetting to pack most things and living without a TV for 2 days. And now its done. I have left Stanlake Road for the last time. Its all over now. Looking forward to sleeping on your sofas and making you tea before work. Decaf only.

Photo-0319 Photo-0317 Photo-0316 Photo-0315

Photo-0314 Photo-0313 Photo-0312 Photo-0311

Oh, and as I was leaving the flat today, I saw this little critter in the street. It made me very sad, until I got close up and realised it was the size of a small dog. Scary.