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Monday, April 03, 2006

we've moved out


We've finally moved out. Three days of carrying boxes down stairs (and into cars and into houses), driving at 60mph down the motorway in a big scary white van, scrubbing everything, throwing away nearly everything, forgetting to pack most things and living without a TV for 2 days. And now its done. I have left Stanlake Road for the last time. Its all over now. Looking forward to sleeping on your sofas and making you tea before work. Decaf only.

Photo-0319 Photo-0317 Photo-0316 Photo-0315

Photo-0314 Photo-0313 Photo-0312 Photo-0311

Oh, and as I was leaving the flat today, I saw this little critter in the street. It made me very sad, until I got close up and realised it was the size of a small dog. Scary.


Anonymous LEESA said...

i loved that flat

9:18 am  

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