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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Departure Countdown

As recommended by "First Time Around the World", the following is our pre-trip itinerary...

November 2005
check passport validity
Gather info and apply for volunteer projects
Check budget and consider extra work for final 6 months
Surf the web for plane tickets
Get Hep A and B injections

January 2006
Book plane tickets and take out insurance at the same time
Arrange visas for first country and countries with complex visa requirements

March 2006
get a medical checkup
check CDC website for vaccination requirements and get them
meet bank to set up your finances and prepare them to be handled by parents or via the internet

April 2006
buy travel gear
break-in any walking boots we are taking
arrange discount cards, communications card and a mobile phone (if we want to take one)

2 weeks before we leave
start taking anti-malarials
leave photocopies of important documents with parents in an international envelope

2 days before we leave
reconfirm flight

RTW Aliance sites


RTW Flight websites



London - Delhi - surface - Bombay - Singapore - Bangkok - surface - Hong Kong - Australia Stop - New Zealand Stop - Easter Isl - Lima - US Single Stop - Mexico - surface - San Jose - London(or v.v)

£1819 - www.roundtheworldflights.com