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Monday, August 28, 2006

Day 104 - Mendoza

argentina Mendoza is NICE. It has parks, it has shops, it has museums, and its small enough to walk around in the two days we had. Perfect.

We arrived at 8am, grabbed a cab to a hostel, had some breakfast and laughed at Nicki, one of the hostel residents, who appears in numerous hilarious photos on the hostels photo-wall. We headed straight out, and caught a student show at the local modern art museum, before heading into town (3 blocks away from the hostel!) and grabbing some lunch.


Mendoza has this enormous park, again, right by our hostel, so we headed out to explore it. It pretty special. Its HUGE, and green and peaceful and amazing. We spent a good 3 hours wandering around it, before grabbing an amazing dinner (possibly the best steak I ever had, no less) at a restaurant called DON TRISTÁNS. My steak was called a "tristan roll". Love it.

The next day we headed to an amazing contemporary art museum. Beautiful building, nice sculpture, and an exhibition about some old dude with a young wife who seems to have travelled the world in his 90s. We also got to taste some honey from the mendoza area. which was a bit gross to be honest, but sam bought some cos she thought the woman was sweet. sucker.


(but to you, sweet tongue of Germany, I have chosen and searched for you, alone. Through vigiliance and grammar, from the jungle of the inflected nouns, of the dictionary, that is never correct with its precise nuances, i was drawing myself closer)

after that, tristan and I headed to the park for a long walk. We'd downed a glass of san-pedro spiked hot water before going in the hope that we might rub some trees, but it didn't work. Instead, we just lounged in the sun admiring the beauty of this place, before we booked ourselves on a, get this, 36 HOUR BUS JOURNEY to see the Iguazú falls. Are we nuts? pretty much.

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