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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Day 93 - Tristan arrives...

argentina Today was nuts. After spending 3 and a half months texting and emailing Tristan every day, we would finally be face-to-face again. Nervous, yes. Excited, yes. Horrendously tired when my alarm went off at 8am, yes. Got a bit emotional 15 minutes before he landed, yes. Waited for a hour for him to come through the gate, yes.

But was it worth it? Of course. We spent the first 4 hours lounging, chatting, and cathing up. He had pretty bad jet-lag, so after a quick nap we headed out to meet ALL the others for the "all-you-can-eat-off", where dan and dave challenged each other to see who could eat the most food. My money was on Dave from the start, who we knew would win when Dan went very pale and started to play with his food. But they both got through 4 plates of buffet meat and salad, costing just over a pound each. Good work dave.

After an early night, Tristan and I decided to go for a walk around the high-streets of BsAs, where we wandered past children playing the accordian, kiosk stands selling hundreds of different magazines, through a park full of dogs and people snogging, and along the main street with its 14-or-so car lanes (which is a nightmare to cross). He was still jet-lagged, and so we spent the evening together, after sharing a cup of mate tea and a pint in the Milhouse.

After having my long hair all cut off on saturday, waving goodbye to Dave who was heading back to university, and spending a nervous hour visiting our mate Pablo across town, we were all set to head out to Pacha for the night, one of the biggest nightclubs in argentina. We drank from 11pm til 2am, before getting the bus to the club. We then sat and drank for another hour in the club before I was wasted enough to monster around on the dancefloor looking a state. Apparently I went missing for an hour as well, which I don't recall, but regardless, it was a great night. It's just a shame I don't remember ANY of it. Next time, I'll be a bit more sensible.

On returning to our hostel at 7am, we had to check-out by ten, so despite being wasted, Tristan and I donned our backpacks and stalked the streets for another hostel, finding one after just 5 minutes and hopping into bed where we stayed for, get this, 28 hours. I only left the hostel once to buy sweets, and tristan only left the room to go to the toilet. It was perfect.

And once the hangovers had gone on Monday, we grabbed Nora, Jo and Ronan and headed out to shop. Everything was closed, so instead we went to a massive shopping centre, which had a fun fair on the top floor. Pirate ships, rollercoasters, coconut shys. And I bought myself a new CD player and speakers. And with that we were all set to hop on a 20 hour bus ride south to Patagonia, where we were hoping to see some whales...

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