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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The List

So I spent about 3 hours last night compiling a list of the things which we will need when we go backpacking. However, it doesn't include the list of medical supplies we'll need, nor clothing. But everything else is here.

  • bandana (any colour or style - nothing too garish that's going to make me look like a tourist)
  • secret money belt - looks like a normal belt, but has a secret compartment for hiding money in case we get robbed. best in black. most hiking/backpacking shops should stock them, or they can be picked up on eBay
  • maglite - great brand of torch - shouldn't be any bigger than a finger
  • compass keyring - this style is best, available from 'Field and Trek' stores (but not on their website)
  • compression sack - medium sized - to make my dirty clothes about 3 times smaller
  • universal sink plug - for filling a sink to wash said dirty clothes into clean clothes
  • travel clothes line - for drying said clean clothes
  • 2.5litre Platypus water bottle - these shrink flat when empty, so are perfect for travelling
  • cheap digital watch - must be cheap so I don't get robbed, and needs to have an alarm clock function on it (this one from Argos is perfect)
  • retractable cable lock - so that my bag doesn't go walkies when I'm sleeping on a train. should be a combination lock, not a key lock
  • combination locks (x2) - so that nobody can get into my bag when I'm on an over-crowded bus in Nicaragua

These extras might be handy, but I think we can probably get away without them:

  • mosquito nets - originally this was an essential, but on doing some reading it seems that most people find that whenever you need one, you can find one in the room, or you can hire one. apparently, they are a nightmare to put up where not supplied, and a mosquito coil (under you bed) is sufficient to keep the beasties away. whether this means that spiders stay away from me while I'm snoring is another matter - but if anyone (that has been travelling) recommends one to me I'll look into getting one
  • swiss army knife - yes, we'll need a knife. they always come in handy. but I don't really want to lug around a swiss army badboy when all I need is the actual blade. will look into perhaps a small (nail-clipper size) knife with a retractable blade.
  • tiny post-it notes - a must-have for marking pages in guidebooks, but something I can steal from work
  • travel pillow - I'll just roll up a jumper, thanks.


Blogger Sarah said...

I would recommend a mosquito net. There's something about developing a style of putting it up that makes you feel at home. And it makes you feel safe from spiders. Seriously. It will keep all the nasty little insects out and give you comfort of mind.

9:46 am  

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