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Friday, November 04, 2005


I'm super grumpy today. I'm hating my job and I'm not sleeping well. I totally need a holiday. Its stressing me out.

Anyway, you'll be pleased to hear that the amazing bag that I *love* (the Berghaus C7) is way too big for me to take. I'm gutted. but its basically gonna cause me loads of grief because I'll end up loading it up so that its so big I won't be able to run for trains, and I'll sweat everywhere, and I'll knock Indian people off their bicycles and stuff. so I'm gonna look around for a smaller one. maybe.

oh I don't know. Maybe I should get that one. I can be careful about what I pack, right? I'm sure I can. Anyway, here it is in blue, NOT THAT I'M GONNA BUY IT, but just because its so pretty...


Anonymous Mooming Troll said...

Hi Darling, it is you mother here. I love the website and I know I will be dropping in from time to time while you are away. (Promise not everyday). Just know I will be with you at every stop around this big world. I know the world is not so big to you but to me it is huge and you will seem so far away.

Just remember that the tie that binds us together is very long and strong and will stretch forever, you hold one end and I will hold the other.

Call me about the eggs.......

Love you
Mooming Troll

3:40 pm  

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