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Monday, November 14, 2005


Spoke to my quack today about getting the necessary jabs for travelling. The following is a shopping-list for all the jabs we will need. Its shocking. But its fact.

Jabs from doctors surgery:
Diptheria Tetanus Polio - free
Typhoid - free
Hep A - free
Hep B - £75 for 3 shots (0,7 and 21 days - this requires a further jab after 1 year)

Jabs from 1st Contact (0800 0393073):
Yellow Fever - £34
Rabies - £45 for 3 shots (over 1 month)
Japanese B Encephalitis - £70 to £105 (2-3 jabs required over 1 month)

The quack thinks I need Meningitis ACWY as well, but the CDC website doesn't think so. But if we do want to get that one, its £35 from 1st contact.


If you're looking for info on what jabs you need when you go travelling (to anywhere), the best place to look is the CDC website, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. You can click a map and it will tell you what jabs you need for that area. Or for one particular country, try 1st Contact here.


Blogger Senor Dunc said...

It should be noted that I have had my HepB jabs at First Contact (I don't know why - i think because they said it was cheaper that way) and we have postponed JapB until we get to australia. bonza.

1:24 pm  

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