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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day 148 - Lake Tekapo


new zealand Now, I missed most of this journey, because I was either (a) eating Burger Rings in the back of the car, (b) sleeping, or (c) complaining because my head hurt from the amount of beer I drank in Queenstown the night before. BUT, I'm told that the journey from Queenstown to Lake Tekapo was literally COVERED in beauty. Draped in the stuff.


Clouds that looked like walnut whips, mount cook looking AMAZING across perfect glacial blue lakes, clear skies that stretch for miles, mountain chains that completely surround you. Great. I missed the lot. Gutted.


But, I did manage to awake before we hit the astronomical observatory on the top of a mountain next to Lake Tekapo. Driving up the mountain side, you can feel the winds picking up. but its not til you attempt to open the car door at the top that you realise the winds here are UNREAL.



Anyway, coming back down to the lake edge is this tiny little town (300 people only!) sat right on the banks of this amazingly beautiful lake. We checked into the YHA hostel here, and after meeting a very cute boy that Anna had her eye on, talked him into teaching us how to play RISK. It wasn't the most strategic of games, but watching Eve dominate the world and scream with excitement at every win made for quite an exciting game.

In the morning, Eve was sick as a dog, so myself, Sam and Anna took a walk around the part of the Lake, talking about how Anna almost went for a snog with Tom last night (during their remantic wander across the pebbles under the starry night sky). She didn't though - because Tom turned out to be a gay. sick. No snog for her. Anyway, after our walk, we had another game of Risk (Eve sat this one out due to her flu) and once that was done, we dumped our stuff in the car and headed off for Christchurch, our final destination in New Zealand.

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