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Monday, October 16, 2006

Day 153 - SOLD!!!

new zealand Farewell my beautiful Laser. You will be missed...

As of 10am this morning, a young irish lad called Ciaran is now the proud owner of the laser. Good luck my friend. Anyway, back to Sunday...

So, still instilled with a fear that we'd not actually manage to sell the little pile of junk, we had just 1 full day left to sell it. In desperation, taking the advice of the car market owner, we got up at 7am to drive the laser to a city car fair for 8am. These early morning are killing me. And today, the wind was too. Blustering through this huge empty car park, the wind froze us as we waited for people to view the little bad boy.

laser car fair

One girl chatted to us for about an hour. She kept "saying" she liked the car, but she clearly didn't want it. It wasn't cool enough for her (whatever - like she knows what's cool and what's not). Then an old dude spent 20 minutes telling me what I need to do to spruce it up for a better selling price. I DON'T CARE. Then a couple stood staring at it for 20 minutes - too far away to approach and too close to ignore. It was like a standoff. In the end, I took the dude for a test-drive and told him to take my number if their teenage son was interested.

And after 5 hours in the blistering wind, we called it a day, drove the laser back to the Backpacker's Car Market, and began another 5 hour shift waiting for people to view it in that prison. It was horrendous. I slept. I read. I kicked a football against the wall. I ate food. I stared at my watch. We played Uno until we went blind. It sucked.

We even had a guy from the local scrap-yard offer us $300 bucks for it. It was grim. If no sale came by lunchtime tomorrow, we'd have to go for it. Despondant isn't a strong enough word.

Until Ciaran texted me. Remember that dude that took the Laser for a test-drive a couple of days ago? Well, he goes and drops us a text at 5pm saying he could offer us $1200 for it. It was unreal. We text him back straight away. Arranged to meet him at 10am tomorrow and do the deal. It was amazing. It TOTALLY might not happen, but it was amazing. We packed up our stuff, drove the laser back to the hostel for one last time, grabbed Harry, and our Eve, who was in recovery from a bout of Tonsillitus, and went out for a celebratory pint.

In the morning, at 10am, we turn up at the Backpackers Car Market and our mate Ciaran is waiting patiently there for us with the cash in his hands. Scared to death that he's gonna change his mind (by spotting the crack in the windscreen, dodgy windscreen wipers, missing hubcaps), we take the cash and run. and we laughed at each other all the way home. It was amazing.

In the morning, bleary-eyed and exhausted, we re-packed all our stuff, got rid of our small change, forgot to post those already-stamped postcards, told Eve that she was a clear favourite, and hopped on a bus for the airport. Next stop - Australia.

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Anonymous Trixie said...

You'll be running the car lot on Easties next my love!

I'd love to see you boys' phone bills.


11:25 pm  
Blogger Senor Dunc said...

yeah, god. the phone bills are EXCESSIVE.

3:34 pm  

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