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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Friend of the week - Atomic Ali

This week's "Friend of the Week" is Ali! I've been working with Ali for over 5 years now and we've had much fun. Organiser of our work social events, she's always up for a laugh, has recently swapped from platinum blonde to a naughty brunette, and is an absolute specification-writing machine. She likes dancing to Northern Soul, dislikes marzipan and coriander and the last CD bought she bought was "Darts : The Platinum Collection" ("how embarrassing!" - Ali)

Feel free to drop Ali a line a say hello using the comments section of this post, or check out her photos of our work's party last night here...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marks out of ten, I'd give her one

3:59 pm  
Blogger Senor Dunc said...

I saw Ruth Colbridge last night, and she had (unprompted) seen your pic on the site and thinks the change in hair colour really suits you. -dunc

9:32 am  

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