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Thursday, January 26, 2006


OK. This one is nasty. Basically, we need insurance to cover us in the event of (a) theft, (b) medical expenses, (c) a requirement to reimburse the ticket price if we can't go or (d) being charged with a crime and facing court costs. None of these things I wish to have to pay for myself, so we need travel insurance and we need to book it at the same time as book our flights, to cover any problems before we go away.

Top tips for getting travel insurance:

  • From experience, cheap policies are rubbish. That doesn't mean expensive ones are any better, but its important to check before you go how much excess you will be charged and how much your valuables are worth, to be sure you're getting back enough to cover your costs.
  • If you have home insurance, this might cover some of the costs (we don't home insurance)
  • Some credit-cards offer insurance on purchases (i.e. flight tickets)
  • If you are with BUPA or some other health care insurer, you'll need to find out how well they will cover you abroad (nor do we have this)
  • Life assurance cover doesn't always apply for bungee-jumping accidents etc. (we don't have this either)
  • Try and get 24-hour emergency assitance (with a reverse-charge phone number and an english-speaking operator)
  • Find out what sports and activities you will not be covered for, so you know you are doing them at the your own risk
  • Don't worry too much about insurance for your possessions unless you are carrying something valuable (cameras/mp3 players...)
  • Find out if the insurance provider will pay your expenses directly or reimburse you on proof of reciepts

Here's a list of websites which have good backpacking insurance policies, or information:

STATravel seem to have the best option, allowing you to reduce your cover and so reduce the premium. I'll ask about the insurance instore on satuday, and keep you posted with any news we get.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm .... interesting :)

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Blogger Senor Dunc said...

tell me about it...

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