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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 26 - Mindo

ecuador Quito has been very special the last few days. The place ERUPTED on saturday with the world cup game, both before with excitement and after with the win against Poland. They scored after about 20 minutes, coinciding with a sudden hail storm. The stones were splashing our pints everywhere, so we did a runner from the pub (without paying - how sick is that - but we tried but it was too manic). The town went wild after that, and even now, 4 days on, people are still raving about it. I also managed to get my picture in the NATIONAL NEWSPAPER (el Hoy) supporting ecuador when they scored. photos coming soon...

We decided a couple of days ago to get out of Quito, so headed to a town called Mindo. Its in part of the mid-altitude forest, so at 4pm every day the rain kicks and the forest is covered in patchy clouds. Its definitely a sight worth seeing.

The town is beautiful. Really quite, and whilst geared up for tourists, isn't overrun. Sonia commented on what a nice life dogs have here when we saw one lying alseep in the street, only to realise it was dead. Nice. But the place has an amazing church, although we just missed the sunday service. Some weird sculpture of the virgin mary holding a baby virgin mary - catholics taking it a bit too far, methinks.

Cooked up a BBQ in the evening which was AMAZING, although quite embarrassing when both me and marcin realised we'd never lit one before and didn't have any gasoline (am I american? I mean petrol) or paper. Had to enlist the help of the hostel owner to light it for us. The place is amazing though. loads of huts on stilts and we had the whole place to ourselves. I loved it.

Yesterday we went trekking in the forest for this amazing waterfall but couldn't find it, so went rafting instead. Its inner-tube rafting, so its just like being on a big waterslide. funny though. quite slow, but cold and wet and nice scenery. Sam bottled it so rode in the truck with the owners taking pictures on our way down.

We're now back in Quito to catch a flight to Peru tonight. Apparently we have to pay $25 (12 quids) to get OUT of ecuador. departure tax. how rout is that. But its fine. Next time you hear from me, I'll be in the most exciting country in the world - for me at least...

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Is the Virgin Mary doing a puppet show?

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