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Friday, July 21, 2006

Day 66 - Sucre

bolivia We decided to be super posh today and instead of taking a 3 hour bus to Sucre, we hopped in a cab for just a little more cash. 2 and a half hours in a cab, breaking the speed limit for most of it, we passed dogs, cows, sheep, lone bolivian women miles from civilisation, and a hoard of kids playing in the road.

bolivia road

We also pased a small town with a PLAN UK banner at the entrance. Without being melodramatic, my heart skipped a little beat. Thing is, I sponsor some 14 year old dude called Franz Tambillo in bolivia. Its not much, but he's written to me, so I kinda know he exists (he likes to care for animals, and called me his "godfather" which was a bit weird). Anyway, passing this sign, I gushed. Maybe, just maybe, he lives here. and maybe he saw some gringo taxi pass and thought "I bet that's duncan in there". Rubbish, yes. But remotely possible. Franz, if you're reading this, your town looked pretty cool. albeit a bit rubbish and dusty.

We arrived in sucre a couple of hours later, checked in to the hostel which housed almost ALL the travellers we have met in the last 2 months, and promptly headed out for some beer, food and dancing.


In the morning, I went exploring. The city is super pretty. Its apparently the capital of bolivia (erm, really, not La Paz then), and whilst not being quite as special, it was beautiful and relaxed and seemed super safe. There are rafts of chocolate shops and a proper nice square in the centre. But that was the limit of our exploration. Sam and I had to head back to La Paz that night in a horrendous 12 hour night bus ride, so we could catch our flight the next day.


The night bus was, however, sweet. It was our first true "cama" bus, with fully reclining seats and feet rests. Not quite as good as a bed, but sam only complained about 20 times, so it must have been REALLY nice. Of course, I slept like a log.


And after getting even more sleep in La Paz, we had a lazy afternoon in prep for our last day in Bolivia. The streets were RAMMED. It was a city fiesta, and the place was full of drummers, street dancers, on-lookers, and a load of bolivian guys shooting guns in the air. Between catching up on our emails and buying peanuts, we watched the parade and got an early night. Nice and early, we're heading off towards Chile, for one night only in Santiago.



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